Milan Brouček Cimbalom Band (Cimbálová muzika Milana Broučka, CMMB) is a Czech musical ensemble that has been active since 2014 in a stable line-up. Although it can seem that, thanks to its name and instruments set-up, the ensemble falls into the folk music category, it is not the case. The members of CMMB are the alumni of artistic schools (HAMU, conservatoire), players in foremost Czech orchestras (The National Theatre Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra of Pilsen) and they also engage in music education. Since its foundation, CMMB has grown into a unique multi-genre ensemble that aims at a broader audience spectrum and affects even listeners of younger generations or fans of different musical styles. Not only does the repertoire include songs with folklore elements (i.e. czardases, Hungarian and gypsy melodies), but also songs and arrangements of classical composers (Brahms, Paganini, Offenbach, etc.), movie melodies (Cirkus Humberto, Once Upon a Time in the West, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, Schindler’s list, etc.) and pop and rock hits (Queen, Metallica, Deep Purple, Europe, etc.).

CMMB has cooperated with many prominent Czech artists and ensembles during its existence (i.e. The Philharmonic Orchestra of Pilsen, composer Tomáš Ille, singer Mirka Novak, mezzo-soprano Edita Adlerová, instrumentalist and composer Dalibor Bárta, director and lyricist Václav Bárta sr., singer Václav NOID Bárta, singer Vlaďka Bauerová, drummer and composer Petr Zeman).

Apart from its own concerts, CMMB has currently these projects in its regular portfolio: CMMB & Edita Adlerová; CMMB & Vlaďka Bauerová; CMMB & Václav NOID Bárta; Životaběh (Lifeflow).


Milan Brouček
Ondřej Pustějovský
Michal Vostrý
Anton Masnica
Digital Accordion
Vlaďka Křenková
Vojta Masnica
Double bass